‚ÄčOne of our cast members, Jerry Price, was recently spotted in the local Hingham Journal paper and their online news site. The article is about a special shuttle service we started offering this holiday season to make sure people get home safely from registered local events in the Hingham, Massachusetts area.

Our courtesy shuttle serves the community in 2 ways, both by reducing the number of vehicles on the road late at night and ensuring that people who might be consuming alcohol can get home safely.

by Amanda Cease, Head of the Best Automotive charitable giving programs

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We'd like to thank the Journal for highlighting this story as we continue to serve the South Shore community anyway we can.

Service with a smile

‚ÄčOur courtesy shuttle service traditionally serves our service, body shop and even sales guests. Guests may either be picked up or dropped off be one of our quality cast members, like Jerry. We offer this helping hand to ensure our customers have the best experience when choosing Best Automotive for their vehicle service and buying needs.

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